Retail division

The findings also show that product markets are dominated by other race groups compared to black South Africans. According to the research done by perfect market large number of famous products in South Africa are predominantly imported, this means that they are manufactured by foreign countries therefore, this has a very negative impact on South African’s Gross domestic product (GDP) and it also increases the unemployment rate, hence we all know that production is the source of income.

Perfect Market retail division is the store that sell fashionable clothing for both men and women, music and movies, books, magazines, newspapers, beauty products, accessories, that are produced and owned by black people with our products being quality branded, our initial goal is to open four stores in KZN, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga and Gauteng, expansion plans include potentially franchising our retail store or building a well-recognized brand name in South Africa.

  • Music stand

In this stand consumers find music and movies from their favorite South African artists and also have the opportunity to meet them as they will be invited to come and promote their work. This aims to increase sales and reduce piracy.

  • Book stand

Here books, magazines and newspapers written by black South African authors and editors will be sold. Consumers will get an opportunity to meet the authors and get their books autographed.

  • Promotion stand

This is the most attractive stand in the shop where anyone who has a product sold at perfect market gets an opportunity to promote their product.

  • Beauty corner

This is a cosmetic counter that only sells products that are manufactured by black South Africans

  • Accessories stand

The jewellery market in RSA is dominated by international brands, So here one can expect to find only accessories and jewellery that are manufactured by black South Africans.

  • Clothing shelves

This is the central part of the store where you find a variety of designs by local creative and talented trendsetters.