Service directory

Service directory division

It’s whereby businesses may join as members who commit themselves into providing the “perfect” services. If these businesses fail to provide such services they become disqualified from being members of perfect market on the other hand perfect market makes the consumers aware that there are such businesses who commit themselves into providing the perfect services.

Perfect market is categorized into three different markets.

  1. Business to household services

This is where the potential household consumers and the relevant service provider meet. Based on the research findings conducted by perfect market it was found that household service consumers don’t receive the quality of service they pay for. Here Perfect Market ensures that the consumer receives services that they paid for by inspecting the services provided, if necessary, to ensure that the consumer is satisfied.

  1. Colleges to students services

Based on the findings of the research conducted by perfect market, there is an increase in the number of colleges especially in the cities. These colleges are not accredited and some of them are not even registered and therefore their qualifications are not recognized. Perfect market also found that when students register with these colleges they either drop out and some of the students drop out in their final year. Many of them complete their qualifications but they seldom find employment because these qualifications are not recognized in the job market.

  1. Business to business services

As business people we know that time is a valuable asset and one cannot afford to waste time looking for the service that will not disappoint you. Perfect market here facilitates that small to medium businesses find the services and suppliers that are of good quality with the assurance that they will not disappoint, without having to waste time. 

Requirements of membership         

  • Should be black South African business owner.
  • The business should be registered and be in existence for a minimum of 12 months.
  • The business should be in operation with premises from which it functions.
  • The business should be registered and accredited with its relevant body or department.
  • The business must be willing to adhere to perfect markets terms and condition

Benefits of being a member of perfect market

  • Based on the good relationship we have built with consumers, every business that is registered with us is trusted for producing products and services that are of good quality.
  • Staff members of businesses that are registered with us are trained by Perfect Market on how to provide perfect and professional services to the customers.
  • Once they become our members they get an opportunity to meet other black business owners who are as enthusiastic as they are, together they start to form or invest in other businesses such as top hotels, property, private hospitals, etc. Perfect Market has committed its self to marketing those businesses that have been formed this way, receiving all the benefits of membership.