With this division perfect market aims to penetrate into a market that is largely dominated by minority communities by taking quality products produced by black South Africans and supplying them to local shop owners (vendors) at competitive prices


  • It will save you time when introducing your product into the market
  • You will be able to reach a wider market
  • You will save on distribution costs
  • It will promote trade amongst black communities so that, as black people, we are able to penetrate into this minority dominated market.
  • Perfect market will use all available platforms to promote your products 

Products for distribution:

Bakery: bread and confectionary,

Beverages: soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, mineral water, still water, long life milk etc

Fresh foods: eggs, vegetables, fruits, yoghurts, sauces

Dry groceries: Baking aids, biscuits, Chips, spices

Health products

Household cleaning products: dishwashing liquid, detergents, soaps, air and fabric freshners, bleach, candles, floor cleaners and polish, furniture and metal cleaners, shoe care, insecticides etc

Cleaning protective wear: overalls, wash up gloves, disposable gloves



Home and kitchen: serviettes, toilet paper, refuse bags, trays, umbrellas.

Motor accessories.

Woodware: chopping boards, bags,

PLEASE NOTE: that products for distribution are not limited to the above list, you may present your products to us so that we will be able to see which category it may be allocated to.