About Us

Research findings;
According to research conducted by Perfect Market, a majority of the South African consumers would prefer not to buy services provided by black business owners. This according to the research is due to the poor quality of services rendered by black South African business owners.

The findings clearly reveal that 92% of consumers would prefer services provided by other race groups as compared to services provided by black people. The research reveals that only 8% of consumers market would use services provided by our black South African business owners.

This, according to our findings, seems to be a stumbling block to the growth of businesses owned by black people. The reputation of black businesses has therefore been tarnished as the research participants used descriptions such as “black business owners are only after money” and “black business do not care about their customers”.

As a result, perfect market was established as a means to restore the dignity, professionalism and effectiveness of businesses owned by black people which are values that are needed by our consumers.

Perfect Market is a private company that was established with the purpose of improving the quality of black owned businesses by ensuring that consumers are always satisfied.

How does it work?
The consumer chooses a service provider from a list of service providers registered with us, if they are not satisfied with the services provided, perfect market will intervene. 

Why should the consumers choose companies that are registered with perfect market?

  • They provide quality and professional services
  • They have committed themselves into improving services that ensure customer satisfaction.
  • They are registered and accredited with the relevant bodies or departments.
  • The staff members from companies that are registered with perfect market are trained on how to render professional services to the consumers.