How to purchase a used pallet jack

Used pallet jacks are one of the most important and widely used warehouse tools, and they can easily shift thousands of pounds of product, as well as unload trailers as an alternative to forklifts.

Pallet jacks are hydraulic (manual) or motorized tools for raising and carrying pallets. Forks on manual and hand driven jacks are separated from the wheels, allowing them to travel upwards while the wheels remain securely planted on the ground. The prongs are hydraulically hoisted high enough to lift the pallet weight barely off the floor.

Pallet jacks that are powered or electric are mechanized and can raise moderately large goods. This design allows you to move the gadget forward and backward by using a throttle control and a steering grip. Some electric jack versions have a platform for the user to stand on while operating.

Measure the breadth of the forklift apertures on the pallet to estimate the width necessary for the forks of your utilized jack. When put into the pallet apertures, the prongs on the jack should have one inch of room on either side. So, while choosing a used jack, remove two inches from the width of the pallet apertures.

Typically, the length of the forks should be the same as the length of the stringers, which are the parallel pieces of timber on a pallet. If you have a variety of pallet sizes, it is best to acquire pallet jacks that are sized to the largest size you have.

Is it better to use electricity or hydraulics

Both electric and hydraulic pallet jacks can support a significant amount of weight, although the normal hydraulic lift capability is 5,500 pounds, with certain versions capable of supporting more. Used electric jacks often have capacities ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 pounds. When buying a used or new one, make careful to verify the weight limitations for particular model, since they might vary greatly.

Hydraulic pallet jacks require manual movement of the weight once it has been hoisted off the ground, but they require little to no maintenance and no external power source. Electric pallet jacks are simpler to maneuver, but they require charging and maintenance when used for a lengthy period of time. Both are incredibly beneficial, therefore the question is which is more suited to your application.

The benefits and drawbacks of buying new vs. used

The biggest advantage of getting a used pallet jack over a new one is that it is less expensive, since a new one might cost several thousand dollars more than a used one. When acquiring new equipment, lead time is a more important consideration because the lead time for purchasing old equipment is often significantly shorter (depending on the company and product). Buying secondhand, on the other hand, might be problematic if you aren’t dealing with reputable sellers. If the hours of use on a used electric jack are not precisely documented, the battery will need to be changed sooner than planned. In some circumstances, this can cost as much as the jack.

How to buy a trustworthy used pallet jack

When looking for a trustworthy and trusted reseller of used pallet jacks, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Ask the dealer for images of the precise used pallet jack you’re interested in purchasing, as well as up-to-date use data. The image will be able to inform you the current state as well as how or where it was saved. You should also seek for a warranty that permits you to return the product if it does not function correctly. For example, pallet jacks for sale Johannesburg with ASI offers a 30-day ASI warranty on our used electric jacks. This enables the client to check and test the equipment to ensure that it is in good working order.

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Electric pallet jack safety

Electric pallet jacks are a valuable addition to any warehouse or loading dock. They are made to raise a big quantity of weight at once. When the majority of the weight is placed on electrical equipment that does not require any physical manipulation on the part of the employee to move big objects, productivity rises and employee accidents decrease.

Never go above your capacity

While this will assist to reduce injuries caused by lifting big things, there is still a danger of damage if not utilized appropriately. Never exceed the weight limit for that particular make and model. A weight capacity plate should be installed on the equipment so that everyone can see how much weight it can support. When lifting anything weighing more than 3,000 pounds, the equipment should always be utilized.

Electric pallet jacks , on the other hand, can have weight capabilities greater than 3,000 pounds. The weight capabilities vary depending on the manufacturer and type of the equipment. So, once again, a weight capacity plate should be installed on the machine.

Ensure appropriate training

All personnel who will be using the equipment should be thoroughly instructed on how to utilize it. All safety requirements and daily maintenance should be covered in training. After all, if the equipment is not properly maintained, there is a chance of malfunction, which might result in damage to the user.

Correct safety standards should include pre-inspection of the equipment before usage, proper pallet pick-up with forks, and how to use the equipment safely near other people. Knowing how to maneuver the equipment safely around others reduces the danger of injury to those close. Furthermore, all personnel who will be operating the equipment should receive OSHA Compliance Operator Training.

Always read the instruction manual

Let us now discuss the owner’s handbook that comes with the equipment. When using the equipment for the first time, the owner’s handbook should be used. The reason for this is because each brand is unique, requiring that everyone understand how to effectively manage that specific brand. The owner’s manual contains important information that should not be neglected. The goal of employing the equipment is to boost production while also reducing harm from big massive objects.

Safe practices summary

Let us go over everything that has to be done while using an electric pallet jack. To operate this equipment safely, a weight capacity plate should be visible to all users, and all personnel should be instructed on how to handle the equipment and all safety precautions. Employees should receive OSHA Compliance Operator Training to guarantee that they know how to use the equipment safely. Individual owner’s manuals for each brand and model of equipment should be examined.

An electric pallet jack is designed to raise extremely heavy loads that can injure a person if the operator fails to utilize the device safely. All of the preceding safety recommendations should be taken carefully in order to decrease the chance of injury.